Survivor Stories

I was 18 and he was a charming 29 year old co-worker who swept me off my feet through flattery and sweet talk.  He convinced me that if I wanted a future with him I would need to run away with him to the big cities. I eventually became addicted to drugs and trapped in a lifestyle I would never have signed up for. His threats against my life made me afraid to run away.  I didn’t believe I would be welcomed home if I tried, and that if I did return, I would be arrested. Beatings were a regular occurrence. I was kidnapped and tortured by “johns” four different times. During those nine years, I was raped and brutalized often. I found myself, once again, in jail and completely without hope. The Lord sent a chaplain to visit me for over a year in jail. Finally, she took me home with her. We attended church regularly and she made sure I read my Bible and prayed. Jesus sent that woman to rescue me. I will forever be grateful to be free.

There are many newer survivors popping up all over and their stories are incredible. We will share these with you regularly. When we commit to pray, God does what we cannot do.